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5 Workshops 2., 3. & 4. November in Den Haag

2/11 10-14 Ribcage, breathing, singing

We go into the details and the connection from ribcage, diaphragm, lungs, spine. You will discover how flexible your ribcage can be and how your breathing and voice will achieve much better conditions for singing and creating sound. 

2/11 16-20 Back, feet, breathing, singing

The backline from head to feet are important in supporting the voices. You will get an insight in the possibilities that are available, when we connect and combine the different parts of the back of your body. The broader and warmer part of your voice i located in the back as well as the brightness and higher notes can improve from opening the front.

3/11 10-14 Larynx, head, neck, singing

Many singers have issues in the larynx area. Often these problems are caused by lack of flow and connections in the breathing pattern. In this workshop we take a good look at the muscles and tissues outside and inside. You will discover how connections from tongue to diaphragm will not only ease constrictions in the larynx, but also allow the airflow to float freely.

3/11 16-20 Pelvis, feet, joints, singing

In this workshop we explore the possibilties that are available when we loosen the joints and ligaments in the pelvis. The connections from the pelvis to the deep muscles in the neck can give you more warmth in the quality of the throat. But also the joints in feet and arms have an influence on your breathing and the connections to the muscles that support the voice.

4/11 10-17 Next step

This workshop is for those of you who have participated the previous workshops. We go deeper and you will learn new manipulation movements. There will be time for individual coaching. The content will be designed to fit the participants.


Location: Stichting Première Parterre, Groot Hertoginnelaan 52, 2517 EJ Den Haag.
Price: 1 workshop 130,-€, 20% when you sign up with a colleague or friend.

4/11: 220,-€ or
All workshops are for singers and voice teachers. 

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Earlier Event: April 28
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