What is Connected Singing?

At Connected Singing we work on the fascia in the body in order to provide a platform for the voice to unfold. Through stretching, movement and sound we dissolve old bodypatterns that no longer support us. From there we build up and strengthen the muscles that support the voice in order to perform and sing with airflow from the inside and out.

A fascia ( "band") is connective tissue fibers, primarily collagen, that form sheets or bands beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose, and separate muscles and other internal organs. The tissues in the body maintain the form of the body and its organs and provide cohesion and internal support. The connective tissues include several types of fibrous tissue that vary only in their density and cellularity, as well as the more specialized and recognizable variants—bones, ligaments,tendons, cartilage, and adipose (fat) tissue.

Listen and follow

Through movement and sound we go inwards and listen to "where the body wants to go". This awakens the nervous system and your awareness. When we listen and follow, many blockades in our body dissolve.

Push to rise

Through movement we engage the coordination and cooperation in your body. These movements support airflow in the body, the connection between the vocal chords and the muscles that support the voice.  Your voice becomes integrated, which allows its sound and quality to unfold from the inside and out.


We perform our exercises work in sequences where we explore the connection between pelvis/larynx muscles, tailbone/neck, hip/jaw, tongue/diaphragm etc.

The ribcage 

Flexibility  and strength in the ribcage is essential when singing. In our training we strengthen the muscles that support the voice through sets of various exercises, combining breathing with resistance and keeping the chest and thorax in an expanded position. 


After each sequence we check the client's sound, we sing, perform vocal exercises etc.

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Quote: "It's as if the distance between me and my voice is much shorter, it's magic"