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Day 1, front and sides

Day 1, front and sides

The flexibility of the ribcage and opening of the breath is essential if you are a singer or want to improve the quality of your voice.

The connective tissue forms the body pattern, and by dissolving the structures we can discover new dimensions in our singing and set the voice free. As a result you will experience a higher and wider vocal range, more depth and warmth in the quality of your voice, an enjoy free airflow to support your musical ideas and frasing.

Once the body is flexible, we can build and strengthen the muscles that support the voice.

During the day we "check-in" on the voice to notice what happens to the sound as we move along.

This workshop is for singers and voiceteachers of all levels.


  • Softening and stretching the tissues in the body
  • Opening the ribcage
  • We explore the connections between diaphragm, intercostales, psoas major, pelvis. 
  • Push to sing - exercises and singing
  • Masterclass

Price: 195€ - if you sign up for day1&2 pay only 350€, 3 days 550€

Venue: Polanentheater, Polanenstraat 174, Amsterdam

Info and registration:

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